Description : The sun dried, rubbed leaves of Oregano (Oreganum vulgare) Origanum  spp.,  Origanum onites

Color: Green

Origin: Turkey

Harvest : June-July

Flavour :  Aromatic Characteristic

Calibration : Normally 30 mesh or  available to arrange buyers specification14/40 mesh , powder

Quality; we  call them in essential oil  as follows;

Blend Oregano :  0.5% vo., 1%vo, 1.5% vo, 2% vo

Pure Oregano : 1.5% vo%, 2% vo, 2.5% vo, 2.7%-3% vo..

Packing Type:  10 kgs  or 20 lbs kraft master paper bags,  10×1 kgs in cartons, 4/5 lb in kraft  master paper bags

Processing:   Harvested, sun dried, rubbed and separated from stalks and other foreign bodies, sieved, passed through magnets

Chemical Specification:
Moisture Content: Maximum 12%.
Total Ash: Maximum 10%
Acid Insoluble Ash: Maximum 2%

Container quantities: it is depend of   the quality.

Storage Conditions: Product has to be stored in dried, clean, cool place and keep away from direct sunshine

We declare that our all of products;

Free from GMO

Free from Allergens

Suitable for Human Consumption and Health.

Available to make steam ” heat” sterilization  when we have  a demand  from the clients.